gives you valuable information for the realisation of an individual web site.

You want to be present in the internet for private or commercial purposes
but you do not know how?

This site gives you valuable information how to go on to realise your own site.

How to get an internet access?

How do I get an e-mail address and what for do I need it concering the realisation of an internet site?

How do I get my desired name for my domain, if I do not run an own internet server?

What should I concider with the planning of my internet site?

What should I consider with the design of my internet pages?

And so on!

Within this site you get information about different providers which offer their services at named questions.

In here you find a glossary of current internet terms. These are useful for inexperienced users and novice at the realisation of internet sites especially.

This site is not only interesting for novice but also for experienced persons. Perhaps you will find noval information?