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This is a short description for WWW.

An internet access is necessary to get into the web. Within a domain it will realised by internet connections and protocols. The physical capacitiy of a network is restriced locally. Therefore the telephone net is used for long distance communications of internet purpose as well. That is the reason for a free telephone connection of your PC or Server. You need a modem as well. Besides you need a provider who realises an account and makes it available for you. With a suitable browser or a specific access program you can set on to the web.

This expression stands for the access to the internet. But it does not mean that you have an e-mail address automatically. This depends on the service scope of the provider.

A browser is the window to the internet. With this application you choose a internet address for the purpose to view specific internet sites. Depending on the equipment of the browser you can address and send e-mails. But it is possible only if your provider offers this kind of service. Some browsers provide the possibilities to build internet pages without any experience of HTML programming. Several providers offer their own browsers or add-ons for well known once to provide specific functions (e.g. the German Telekom have BTX within their own t-online browser).

"Business to Business": Providing and exchanging information between company and its business partners.

"Business to Consumer": Providing and exchanging information between the company and its costumers.

"Business to Employee": Providing and exchanging information between the company and its employees.

Chatting is the online conversation within the web. Within a chat room several surfers are able to talk to each other. To enter a chat room you have to register yourself. Most of the chatter using aliases or nicknames to guarantee their anonymity. Chat rooms a divided into specific categories for the purpose of sharing information among like-minded.

A domain is a defined area for linked PC's or workstations. Most server have a certain name for their domain. All linked PC's or workstations are within the same domain and have a certain network address (e.g. IP-address) with a clear name. The web works with the same protocol and works in the same manner. But if you do not want to spend the money for internet-server, network, know-how, etc. you can keep a provider busy how reserve store on his server, register your domain name and establish all other settings (e.g. IP-address, e-mail adresses) for you.

An internet address has the form
The @-symbol stands for "at" and means that the person, known under the name, can be reached in the domain on the assigned area com ("com" - commercial, "edu" - education, "org" - organisation, and so on).
In most cases the name is identical with the user name. The first name will be shorted usually. The first name will be divided from the last name through a dot or an underscore. Sometimes the first name is represented by the initial and the last name is added spelled out without any seperation. Short companies or domains using the initals only. On the private sector the usage of nicknames and pseudonyms are common. The internet is free in defining the address name. But in the HTTP and HTML enviroment you have to follow certain roles with using special signs. For further information refer to specific sources (e.g. internet, books) or contact me.

FTP means File Transfer Protocol. This protocol enables you tho exchange data e.g. between domains.

This is the starting page of your internet site. If someone surfs on your site he or she can go back to this page to start a new session with a new target. This expression it is used as a synonym for a domain name.

HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language. This language enables you to display a document's layout and content on almost any browser.

HTTP means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. This protocol enables the transmission e.g. of HTML documents.

HTTPS means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. This protocol enables the secure transmission e.g. of HTML documents this critical information like credit card numbers or personal data.

Refer to web.

Internet Address
An internet address has the form or The extensions ".com" and ".org" are not binding upon the named transfer protocols in this example. This address is necessary to identify your site clearly. Each internet address exists worldwide once only. The extension gives a hint of purpose (e.g. com = commercial, org = organisation, edu = education) or origin (e.g. uk = United Kingdom, de = Deutschland) of your site. Thus there are several domain names but the extension makes it unique.

Internet Protocol
To get in contact with others or to visite other sites you need a common protocol for the internet. This protocol is TCP/IP.

An link is an established connection of a site to other pages of the same site or an other internet address. With this feature you can reduce the use of several explantions resp. the content. You can refer to other pages or sites to aviod redundant information or reduce the expences to take care for updating your site. But it is a question of politeness to ask the owner of an other site before link realisation. This is much more important if you use your site for commercial purposes.

Net of the Nets
Refer to web.

Providers offer e.g. internet services (internet accounts, e-mail addresses, internet domains). Provider charge their services to their users.

A internet page will be stored in the HTML language. Within the pages you can display texts, pictures, animations and links to other pages or other sites for different browsers.

The representation of your site and their contents is called internet presence. If your site shall represent a company, a general marketing concept is necessary (e.g. the general use of corporate indentity on all pages). Within your pages the used layout and the guidence through your site should be standardised. That makes it easy to navigate within your site and makes the surfer conscious in which site he or she is.

A surfer is a internet user who surfs through the web.

In a site you represent your business, services, information or simply yourself. It is comparable to a market place. On the technical side it is an accumulation of pages which are linked by form and content. Usually the expression site and domain are used as synonym. On the technical side it is not the same. Within one site you can put in different and not related sites. These sites can have different addresses (e.g., A site is a connected structure of internet pages which are related by subject areas or trades.

Starting page
Refer to homepage.

TCP/IP means Transfer Control Protocol / Internet Protocol and is the internet transfer and communication protocol.

A user makes use of the internet and its services. Users are titled as surfers in this site, too. Users make use of a PC as well but at this site they make use of the web.

This is the most common short description for WWW.

WWW stands for World Wide Web and is a short description for the internet. It is called "Net of the Nets", "Web" or "3W" as well.

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