You wanted to be present at the internet for private or commercial purposes but you are not shure how to make it?
This site gives you valuable information how you go on to realise your own site.

Internet Access

In case you have no internet access with an own address, you have to take care to get a specific connection to the internet.

The Solution

This site provides solutions. There have implemented in theory and realitiy successfully. The implementation of an internet presence are individual as the humans and companies are. This solutions are suggestions only and give you a hint whether you need professional help and in which scope do you need them.

Internet Domain

For the implementation of an internet domain with a specific name there are several providers. Most of them are charging their services. Please be aware that my experience is limited to Germany only. My interests are to collect and share information of other countries as well.


This site provides a list of commercial partners as well. But I have no contratual commitment with any of these listed providers. This list bases on my personal experience. At this time it is limited to Germany. There are different possiblities for individual solutions to realise an internet site.

Internet Pages

After the draft of internet pages these have to be maintained and made topical. If you will provide a lot of information on your site you have to take care for maintenance of your pages.


This glossary provides valuable information to unterstand internet specific expressions. These information are for internet beginners especially.

Internet Appearance

Before you implement your internet presence you should have exact ideas and plans to do so (web visiting card, company presence, internet shop, e-commerce as a new branch or as an independent business goal). According to the ideas and plans of the implementation of your site you should take care of the technical condition and backround.


You can contact me directly if you need support to create and implement your own internet site. I would be glade if you contact me to report your experience in implementation of internet sites. You are free to name me new providers (e.g. to add them to the list of partners and link them as well)*. If you want to give me feedback for this site please feel free to contact me as well.

*: However, I will reserve the right to prove excatly whether the suggested provider shall be added to the list of partners.

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