I made some experiences with german providers. These are listed and explained below. In case you have simular experiences with other providers so contact me and tell me about it.

Internet Access
At you get an internet access with the leasing or buying of a PC.
Of cause you can get an access through other providers like aol, arcor, compuserve, lycos, t-online, etc.

Internet Address
If you have an internet access already, but you have no e-mail address, you can get an address for free by this provider:

Yahoo! is one of the leading information service providers worldwidely as well. Here you can get information about profession, jobs, holiday, travel, hobbies etc. These information are not limited on germany. You will get information worldwidely. Make use of the web and have fun!

Internet Domain
This german provider establishs one or more domains and arranges the registration of your name at DENIC for the web: STRATO Partner Programm

Internet Pages

For the implementation and development of internet pages exists several providers. The favourable way is to hire students. They design such pages at their leisure time and extra income.

If you want design your own internet pages, you can make your first steps with the Composer of the Netscape Communicator. You are able to download this program for free:

For expensive tastes you can learn the use of HTML or make use of grafic assistence programs like Microsoft Frontpage or Adobe GoLive. These kind of programs are not for free.

A lot of providers enable you to improve the look of your pages through add-ons. E.g. you want count visits of your site:
Please note that the shared code of this counter is not allowed to change. If the code of the counter has been changed, the counter will be locked. You can change the layout of the counter in connection with this provider. For this, you will need a specific password. Do you know an easier way?

Kostenloser Counter von MEINCOUNTER.DE

Internet Presence
For the planning and implementation of your internet presence there are different providers. But quality has its price. If you plan to make business by using the internet, you should make use of professionals. Feel free to contact me.

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