The Solution

For the development of your own internet site, you should pay attention to the following steps:
1st Step

You should think about the nature and scope of your planned internet presence. This is very important because all following steps will be determined. The technical conditions must be available and if necessary must be extended or established. If you plan in the starting phase accurately, you will avoid unnecessary follow-up costs.

2nd Step You have to have an internet account and an own e-mail address.
3rd Step Protect your domain name. Until you put your internet pages in, you should publish a page with basic information about your domain (e.g. under constraction). Basic information are the declaration of the aim and object of your site. If you want to make business or you want to interduce your company through your site, you should publish temporary contact possibilities (e.g. phone and fax number, postal and e-mail address).
4th Step Design your internet pages according to the planned intentions for your internet presence and publish them within your domain.
5th Step Your internet site should reviewed and improved periodically. The expenditure depends on the topical information you published on your site.

Be aware that the web is a public and fast living medium. All information of your site are public domain. If you want to share information, but you do not like to be copied, you shall use special techniques to prevent this (e.g. java code, jpg pictures or pdf files). The fast-moving internet demands comparable reaction times concerning communication and making topic of information. These points you should consider with the planning of the scope of your internet presence and the needed maintenance of your internet site.

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