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The kind of internet presence determines the content and scope of your pages. Depending of the scope of your site you should hire professionals for the implementation of your site. For this task, the creativity of designing pages is more important than the technical comprehension. Do you want to go in direction of e-commerce you should have business exeriences.
Between the registration of your domain and the implementation of the first internet pages, a lot of times goes by usually. Meantime, you should present one or more pages with the note that your site is under construction. If you want to use your site for commercial purposes, you should publish basic information about your supplies, products or services, and the addresses to contact you (e.g. postal address, phone and fax numbers).
Several providers offer tools to help you to design your pages by yourself. Some of these programs are available by internet. Working with such tools, it makes necessary to have basic knowledge about HTML. Some smaller problems could come across which can not be handled with these menu-guided tools. For this you have to have a look at the source code of your page and fix it manually. If you do not have this experience or time to learn it, you should get professional help.
Take care to have a optimised layout of your site. Errors and layout mistakes will deter. It is the worst case, your site will not be visite any more. This kind of behaviour could be disastrous if you have commercial objectives for your site. It is much more difficult to win someone known back as to win someone new over.

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